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n army ●when well commanded is indomi●table; it is capable of subju●gating all the countries betwee●n the Black and Yellow Seas.The European offi●cers are all English, Iri

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sh, ●or Scotch gentlemen, whose honour ●and courage have created in their troops such an▓ intrepid spirit as to render Ind▓ia secure against every evil fro▓m which an army can protect a country.▓”64 There was over-confidence and wa●nt of real discipline; for the Native and Eur▓opean troops who had fought side by298 side a●nd conquered the varied races of the Penins●ula, and between whom there ●had once been sympathy, had drifted apart.In th●e past they had forgotten caste, and in ca●mpaigns had lived as brother soldiers.T▓he increase in the European establis▓hment of officers to native regiments had int●roduced many with whom the native ▓was not in touch.The whole essence o▓f our previous leadership was that ▓the men respected their officers becau▓se they knew them, or knew the tradition● of their military past.But new men meant new ●manners.Th


Image 04 ed the 19th Light Dragoons.The dist▓ance

en personal, and base▓d o


Image 05 to Vellore was soon covered, and ample ven●

n warlike experience and res

Image 07 risoners, and 350 were slain.Simi●larly

ighting man.“Piping ●times

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